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In 2009, JMSB started two new programs, a graduate certificate and a graduate diploma in business administration. As the students enrolled in this program are a unique and extremely multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural, the purpose of the student association is to organize events to help students network as well as be a venue for students to voice concerns and comments.

Our Goals

  1. Represent the GDBA and GCBA students at the department, faculty and university levels.
  2. Increase involvement of GDBA and GCBA students within faculty and university events.
  3. Promote and improve the JMSB brand name in the Canadian Business community.

2009 – 2010 Executive

Rabia Tahir Khan – President (

As with most students in this program, I have come from a different educational and ethnic background. Originally from Pakistan, I arrived in Montreal in 2002 to begin an undergraduate degree in Human Genetics. Despite my love for Science, business and economics have always fascinated me. After completing a B.Sc in Biology and Economics, I continued onto a PhD in Human Genetics. I joined this program as it is an excellent opportunity to help build on my economics background. After completion of my PhD I hope to enter the health care consulting profession and return to Pakistan to work on healthcare management of infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, Polio and Malaria.

Aside from science, I have a love for food. I greatly enjoy cooking and trying new restaurants and recipes. Living in such an extraordinarily, multicultural city is great opportunity to experience new culinary delights.

Throughout out my undergraduate and graduate education, I have been involved in various extracurricular activities. This year I am working with the executive and hope to establish the student organization for this excellent new program at JMSB, Concordia. We hope to collaborate with other student organizations at Concordia to hold networking events as well as social events specifically for students of the GD/CBA program.

If you have concerns, comments, or restaurant suggestions, please come by and talk to me or email me at

Kaitlin Soye – VP External

Hi! My name is Kaitlin. I am in the JMSB-GCBA program. I grew up in Waterloo, Ontario and moved to Montreal five years ago for graduate school. I am a avid athlete and in university I played varsity field lacrosse, then progressed to a coaching role during graduate school. In the Montreal community I developed an introduction to lacrosse program for girls and boys and I coach youth soccer. To satisfy my competitive spirit I now train to run medium distances and to compete in dragon boat (although I wish I had time to row!). Professionally, I am involved in biomedical research and working to improve the quality of undergraduate science education. I am studying in the GCBA program to learn business skills and knowledge that I can apply to the academic science field. I am very excited to be part of the very first GDBA/GCBA class at Concordia!

Patrick Logan – VP Finance

Ian Swanson – VP Internal

Coming from the hands-on side of scientific research, Ian is working towards bridging the gap between science and business. Currently finishing his studies in cancer research Ian is enthusiastic about the GDBA/GCBA program and his first steps across the divide. His hope is that the program will help him develop management skills that will translate into helping Canadian scientific research grow

Alanna Bartolini – GDBA rep

In order to communicate with students, we use a variety of sources. Please check the blog: