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The John Molson Doctoral Student Society (JMDSS) was officially recognized in December 2009.


The purpose of the JMDSS is:

  • To represent and advocate for the interests of the members of JMDSS, collectively and individually.
  • To enhance the educational, cultural, environmental, and social conditions of its members.
  • To engage in activities and undertakings as may seem appropriate to JMDSS.

Download a copy of the JMDSS constitution at

Doctoral Student Quality of Study Life Survey – Fall 2015

Your JMDSS executive team would like to get your feedback on various aspects of your academic life. The information that you will provide will help us to identify areas that need to be improved and will assist us to develop a plan of action for the coming academic year. Your feedback will not only allow us to communicate to decision makers in the PhD program and the JMSB your problems in a concise and organized manner, but it will also enable us to convey PhD students’ problems and concerns to policy makers strongly and effectively. Therefore, your participation in this survey is essential and crucial. Click here to access the survey.

Without your participation, we cannot obtain reliable information and we will not be able to improve the conditions of the different aspects that surround you during your studies.

The questionnaire is anonymous, so you should not indicate your name anywhere. We believe that the information that you will provide is very important, not only for the JMDSS, but also for you.

The JMDSS executive team would like to thank you for your time in advance.

JMDSS Executive Meetings

The JMDSS executives met on the following dates:

  • May 25th
  • June 23rd

The meeting minutes could provided by request only. You need to be a member of the JMDSS, i.e. JMSB PhD students or candidate, to obtain a copy. Please contact the president at to make a request.

2010/2011 Executive Committee

The JMDSS executive committee for the period of May 1, 2010, to April 30, 2011, includes the following:

GSA, CGSA, and CMS Fees

JMDSS falls under the CGSA, which itself falls under the GSA. As such, PhD student fees are as follows:

  • GSA Fees: $64.28 annually. levied in the fall as “Student Association & Activity”
  • CGSA Fees: $37.00 annually, levied in the fall
  • Career Management Services Fees: $65.25 annually, levied per semester at $2.90 per credit, based on a standardized 7.5 credit semester.

For information about CGSA student fees, please refer to the Did you know? page.

For information about the GSA, please visit their website:

For more information about CMS, please visit their website:

The PhD Program

For more information on the JMSB PhD in Administration Program, please visit the JMSB website, and look under Graduate Programs / PhD.

Current PhD Program URL:

Visit the JMSB website: