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The MSc Committee is a student lead initiative with the purpose enhancing the experience of students in the JMSB Masters of Science in Administration program. This is accomplished through organizing or facilitating M.Sc student involvement in social, networking, and professional events. These events are all aimed at developing skills essential for personal and professional growth. The Committee also acts as a liaison between students and the faculty members, in cases where students feel they were treated unfairly or they are particularly stressed by their workload.

Recent events include, but are not limited to:

  • Orientation!
    • The MSc program welcomed new and returning graduates with faculty speeches and fun orientation activities .
  • JMGSA Chalet trip
    • Is there anything more beautiful than the Quebec countryside in the middle of fall? Every year, the JMGSA hosts and epic chalet trip where everyone is invited to escape the city and get to know your classmates outside of school.
  • Beer and Bowling, an end of exam celebration
    • Apparently getting a Master’s degree is hard work, so once our students finished exams the MSc Committee treated our hardworking classmates to a night of bowling and beer at Sharx. Let’s not forget pool / billards!

Upcoming events include, but are not limited to:

  • JMGSA Winter Chalet Trip
    • Just like the fall trip, but in the winter and minutes from a ski hill! The weekend of January 25th
  • MSc & PhD Mentorship Series
    • As the MSc Committee, we understand students can get really stressed over any “thesis”, whether it’s finding a supervisor, choosing a topic, or even understanding what a thesis is. That’s why the MSc have paired up with the PhD students to host causal educational seminars addressing these topics.
  • HEC International Case Competition
    • The MSc committee is excited to bring back the International Case Competition! This unique international competition is directed specifically at MSc students and deals with research based cases. The MSc hopes to compete among the best MSc in the world!
  • JMGSA Gala
    • It’s like prom, but bigger and better!

The M.Sc Student Committee structure is as follows:


President Marilou Rozé Bianchi
VP Case Comp Yao Ding
VP Finance Marilou Rozé Bianchi
VP Communications WeiChen Wang
VP Events Mingmei Pang


The MSc Society has three core focuses for the 2015-16 academic year:

  1. Increase communication to students
    1. Traditionally, MSc students have reported feeling isolated in their program and are often overwhelmed with the pressures of classes and the thesis. The nature of the program tends to isolate 2nd year students in particular, since they don’t have classes and so their interaction with colleagues in the program tends to be limited. As a result, our society has committed to maintaining a comprehensive email list to reach all MSc students and to hosting events that appeal to both 1st year students as well as those in the thesis phase.
    2. More involvement within and outside the MSc
      1. Given its research focus, the MSc is a very unique program within the graduate business family. As a result, MSc students often have the option to move onto a PhD, or to explore industry jobs in their field(s) of expertise. Therefore, the MSc society has pledged to host more events to build a better sense of community. It also encourages students to attend events hosted by other programs and departments for the purpose of developing closer ties to students in the MBA, Goodman Institute, PHD, etc. Not only does this broaden their network, but they can also explore the different aspects of other business graduate programs.
      2. Improve program regulations
        1. No program is perfect, and as such the M.Sc society acts as an interface between the students and the administration. This year there have been several concerns raised to the MSc society, particularly concerning the shared research lab. Establishing codes of conduct for shared spaces will hopefully decrease complains that come from MSc students about the lab. In addition, we would like to establish a suggestion box as a way for student to communicate their issues to us without fear of judgment.
        2. Additionally, a representative of the M.Sc society, usually the president, will be present at all JMGSA council meetings.  Their role is to relay student concerns to the council, as well as to relay news from the JMGSA (and its constituent associations) to M.Sc students.  This is achieved through various media, including a newsletter which is used a vehicle for periodic updates and notices.  To register for this newsletter, please email us at

To contact the M.Sc Society, please send an email to: