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What is the ICOP?


The International Community Outreach Program (ICOP) is a student run club that provides JMSB graduate students with the possibility to work at international partners such as NGO’s in areas of microfinance, market analysis, business capacity building and consulting services in developing countries around the world. This allows students to become informed, engaged and actively involved in international development and become highly valued business and social leaders.


ICOP helps students by:


• Providing them with unique transferable skills that are aligned with their future goals and reasons to pursue an graduate studies.


• Offering them an enriching professional and life experience, exposing them to issues and contexts that will augment their thinking about global (dis)equilibriums, hoping that this experience and reflection will orient their actions towards more equity and solidarity throughout their future work lives.


• Offering them the chance to go beyond the traditional limits of classroom education, and in the process, experience and impact communities in the real world with lasting changes.




One of ICOP’s main activities is sending graduate students of JMSB on internships where they can apply their skills in developing countries. The organization sends a maximum of 4 interns abroad each year. Interns are selected through a rigorous process. First, the group is informed about the opportunities available through a presentation. The ICOP team then interviews interested candidates where the aim is to learn about each student’s level of motivation and ideas about what they will do during their time as interns. Finally, the candidates sit for an interview with the organization where they will be placed. If the candidate is successful in all these stages then he or she goes through a pre-departure preparation with ICOP. In the end, ICOP transfers funds into the student’s account to use to help cover living expenses.


Team Members


El Nasser Amin – President

Sagar Agarwal – Financial Officer

Hasib Khanyari – Marketing Officer

Madeline Doyle – Events Officer

Claudia Rush – Project Development Officer

Benoit Rosenoer – Project Development Officer


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