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Women in Business Club (WIBC)


The John Molson Women in Business Club (WIBC) is a student club targeting all women currently enrolled in JMSB graduate programs and all JMSB women alumni.

WIBC aims to contribute to JMSB life via:
• An innovative Mentorship Program that pairs up current WIBC members with women executives from the Montreal business community
• Networking & social events
• Workshops & speaker series
• Volunteer projects in the local community
• Leadership positions

WIBC Mentorship Program:
• Find details about the mentorship program from the WIBC website (
• New mentees will be accepted in Fall 2012, so stay tuned to FirstClass!

Upcoming WIBC Events:

Stay tuned to the WIBC webpage and Facebook page for info about upcoming WIBC events…


The WIBC is managed by an executive board of student volunteers.

The WIBC Executive Team for the 2015-2016 academic year:

• President: Christina Lemyre McCraw
• VP, Finance: Lissette Vela
• VP, Marketing & Communications: Anna Sommer
• VP, Leadership: Yongeun Cho
• VP, Events: Aijing Zhang


Visit our website:

Email us:

– To become a member, apply for a WIBC leadership position, participate in the mentorship program, learn more about our events and programs, join our mailing list, or for more info

Be sure to check the JMGSA Conference Folder on FirstClass for an announcement about our Welcome Potluck coming up in September!

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