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The JMGSA (John Molson Graduate Student Association) Speaker Series is a student-run initiative that organizes speaker events for graduate students at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. It’s mission is to organize speaker events in order to give future members of the Montreal business community a clear perspective of the local and international business environment whilst also providing an inspiration that will help students make the right choices in their future career paths.

The JMGSA Speaker Series aims to give current graduate students an opportunity to realize what it takes to make an organization work, and how the theory learned in the classroom is put into practice by industry leaders. Inspiration, education and preparation are the underlying objectives that drive the JMGSA speaker series towards providing students with a fruitful and rewarding experience.

JMGSA Speaker Series Team 2014-2015

President – Anna Sommer

Anna Sommer brings together her extensive experience in arts, entertainment, and non-profit management to lead a strong 2014-2015 JMSB Speaker Series team. Her background spans events management, law, professional acting, marketing, fundraising, education, and program development. Anna started the MBA program at JMSB in September of 2013 and plans to graduate in Fall 2015.

VP Marketing – Catherine Sumague

Catherine Sumague has vast experience in the organic, natural and eco-friendly industry that has aided her in making innovative business decisions and has given her an aptitude in Sales & Marketing. In addition, a graduate teaching assistant position to Professor Jordan LeBel in winter of 2013 helped Catherine stay on top of her game in terms of the latest marketing developments. Her confidence in her craft drives her creative business decisions, interactions with her clients and effortless communications. Lastly, Catherine started the MBA program at JMSB in January of 2013 and is expected to graduate in Fall 2015.

VP Events  Edwin Ferrer

Edwin Ferrer has a background in Electronic engineering and over five years of experience in project management in the Information Technology sector. Edwin is also a consultant for the Concordia Small Business Consulting Bureau. He started the MBA program at JMSB in September of 2013 and plans to graduate in Fall 2015. Excited by the opportunity to make positive contributions to student life at JMSB, he enthusiastically joined the JMGSA Speaker Series team.

VP Finance – Nadia Yongeun Cho

Nadia Yongeun Cho has seven years of work experience in financial industry and graduated from McGill University majored in Finance, minored in International Business. Nadia is excited to have the opportunity to apply her skills and make positive contributions to the team. She started the MBA program at JMSB in September of 2013 and expected to graduate in Summer 2016. She is convinced that the team of 2014-2015 can bring JMGSA Speaker Series to the next level.


From left to right: Nadia Yongeun Cho, Anna Sommer, Edwin Ferrer, Catherine Sumague