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Graduate Programs

Doctorate in Administration

The John Molson School of Business offers a Ph.D. in Administration in collaboration with McGill University, l’École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal, and l’Université du Québec à Montréal. The joint nature of the program gives the students access to a large number of highly qualified scholars with a wide rang of expertise. The principal objective of the program is to educate competent researchers and to stimulate research on management problems.

Master of Science (Administration)

The Master of Science (Administration) Program is intended for students who wish to prepare for specialized careers in the performance of technical and analytical functions in the administration of organizations. The M.Sc. Program allows students to concentrate in a specialized area of administration, emphasizing the research and scientific aspects of the area. The academic aim of this program rests in the systematic acquisition of knowledge in the areas of Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems; Finance; Management; or Marketing; and in the development of the skills particularly suited to thoroughly explore the research issues in these areas. These skills are oriented toward developing a critical viewpoint which will be helpful in undertaking further research.

Master of Business Administration

The Concordia MBA program emphasizes an interdisciplinary general management perspective. This orientation provides students with the expertise they need to become effective business professionals. The program’s overall goal focuses on the achievement of managerial success in an increasingly complex ad competitive business environment. The objective of the program is to enable students to:

  1. integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired to achieve corporate goals
  2. make decisions which reflect sensitivity to the relationships between the firm and social, ethical, economic and political environments within which it operates
  3. apply the analytical interpersonal and communication skills necessary for effective management
  4. refine their career goals and develop the confidence to confront an ever changing business environment

Master of Business Administration (Executive Option)

This two-year intensive program is designed specifically or mid-career managers who wish to pursue graduate level business education without interrupting their business careers. Most participants are sponsored by their employees, and this commitment is seen as an important factor in relating academic concepts to current business practice. Each participant brings particular expertise to the program, adding to the depth of discussions, and enriching the classroom experience for all concerned.

The two-year program is offered during the university’s regular academic year. Classes are held one day per week, on alternative Fridays and Saturdays. Entry to the program occurs in late August only.

Goodman Institute of Investment Management

The increasing sophistication of the investment industry and the increasing reliance of individuals on investment professionals for long term financial security, requires an extensive education in investment management over and above that demanded by the CFA® designation from the Association for Investment Management Education and Research (AIMR). This program is designed for the investment professional who wishes to build upon the graduate Diploma in Investment Management to obtain a master’s degree specializing in investment management and pass the three levels of CFA® exams. Success on the CFA® exams is an integral part of the requirements for the degree.

Graduate Certificate in Management Accounting

The Graduate Certificate in Management Accounting is a specialized program offered in cooperation with the Ordre des comptables en management accrédités du Québec. This program is designed for candidates who hold management knowledge in the areas of financial accounting, management accounting and financial management and will allow them to pursuer the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation.

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) is designed for those seeking a foundation in business fundamentals to advance their careers and help them become more efficient and effective managers and administrators. This unique program prepares students from a variety of academic backgrounds to step forward confidently in their careers as administrators and managers.